How To Put On A Condom Properly

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Believe it or not but a lot of people still don't know how to put on a condom properly, especially teenagers who are having sex for the very first time. If you don't know, don't be ashamed about it. I will go over the details so you can gain the needed knowledge to do it right.

How to put on a condom:

1) You need the condom - Feel free to go to your nearest drug store or supermarket and you can purchase it there. You can also go to various clinics and I believe they give them away for free.

2) Take it out of the package - Once you take it out, make sure you check the expiration date to see if it's still good to use (you should be able to check it out on the box before you purchase it) and also make sure it's not already opened in any way.

3) Identify what goes where - You have to make sure you identify which ways go where because say you put it on the erect penis and find out it was rhe wrong way, you do not want to try to quickly flip it the other way. The reason is the fact that the slightest semen could end up on the outside of the condom and could possibly lead to pregnancy.

Before putting on the condom, use your hand/fingers to identify which ends will slide down. Once you figure that part out, you should be able to just slide it on the correct way.

4) Applying the condom - Now that we figured out which ends goes where, you should be able to just slide the condom right on. It should roll out onto the erect penis.

Make sure you pinch the top part so there isn't a air bubble. This could possibly lead to a break in the condom if the air bubble is left that way.

5) Remove the condom - Once you are done, you can simply remove the condom the opposite way you put it on. I would suggest being away from your significant other just incase it leaks at all.

6) Throw the condom away - Don't try to recycle it, it's not that kind of rubber or plastic. And don't try to flush it down the tiolet, it's not good. Just throw it in the trash and you should be all done.

If you need more information or a visual, check out the video below (may not be the best but it gets the point across):

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