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Now if you have been reading my blog, I think you are aware that I am a bit of an omegle addict. Well, not completely. But I'm heading there. This post is completely different from my other ones, so excuse me. It involves me getting preachy and very know-it-all-ish... Something that doesn't go down well with ANYONE.

I know.


What is Omegle? Omegle in one word is Procrastination. But since you are such a n00b and probably staring into the surroundings with your jaw dropped making this confused face I cannot be bothered to describe ( just get it!... a confused face), I shall indulge.

Omegle is basically a website that allows you to just chat with strangers.


Thats what is SO cool about omegle. And that is also the reason why it is also a bit of a pain in the bum. But lets not speak of its cons just yet.

How do I use it? Well, all you have to do is go to Omegle and click on the big blue "Start a chat" button right in the centre of the page. It takes you to another page which looks very similar to (well, at least since I use it) an MSN Messenger chat window. You will be christened with the username 'You' and the person you are chatting with will be identified as 'Stranger'. What happens next is upto you...

But lets be warned here that it will take a LONG time for you to actually strike up a conversation. Don't let that put you down.


But, why would I wanna talk to strangers? Unless you have "other" intentions with the site, you will probably be visiting it because you are either 'bored' or (as mentioned earlier) 'procrastinating'. There doesn't seem to be any specific reason why anyone would wanna talk to strangers.

Fine. I'm interested in the site. But I don't know what to say to a complete stranger. The first two times I tried the random chat, I actually freaked out. For no apparent reason. I just spazzed out. And closed the window. The third time someone came on and the first thing he/she said was, "10 random facts about you... shoot".

I was still freaked. So I closed the window.

But here are some things you can talk to them about.

After the casual "hey" or "hi" and the formal salutations in which you ask them either "wassup?" or "how are you" you could use any of the following:

-What are you doing?
-What are you listening/watching to?
-Whats the last movie you watched?
-What do you do?
-Whats your favorite artist/movie/ice cream flavor... you know...?

I weirdly have the habit of asking them if they are Nerdfighters. Something that doesn't go down very well at all. Most times I'm explaining what Nerdfighters are.

You could also break formal boundaries by asking them who it is. At least this way you get to know if your talking to a dude or a chick.


My experience on the site has thought me a number of things.

1) As someone once told me, the people on there might just be horny. I normally disconnect conversations starting with asl.

2) People will not know English and may even reply in Chinese/Japanese. Relax, just disconnect. Its not much of a 'racial' issue, but people may wanna talk to people from their respective country. So, they may just disconnect you after they find out your from another country. Don't take it to heart.

As I said. Persevere.

Here is a tip that I think I figured out in case your a bit specific about the people you wanna chat with, if someone starts of with a "Hello" in response to your "Hey" or "Hi", I think its safe to say that English isn't their predominant language.

You could skip this if you wanna meet people from around the world.

3) People come on the site with dumb expectations. As a matter of fact you too will be on there, and for some reason will imagine some one of the opposite sex as the 'Stranger'. Its not always the condition. But sometimes some people will find that out and disconnect you.


4)I guess it goes without saying, please make sure you don't give out unnecessary information here.

(Is it evident that I'm REALLY bad at this self help kinda thingy that I'm trying to write up here?)

A conversation I had today,

Stranger:knock knock
You: who is there?
Stranger: disco
You: disco who?
Stranger: disconnect

*stranger disconnects the conversation*

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