This is why omegle sucks

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One of our Member's conversation:

You: Hullo
Stranger: hullo yourself :D
You: How is your life going, luv?
You: Oy, is this computer machine broken?
Stranger: whats the matter with you? :p
You: Wot? I don't understand your question.
Stranger: me neither. :p
You: Then why ask it?
Stranger: because im stupid :)
You: Oy, now don't go round sayin' that!
Stranger: okay. im really sorry :(
You: Don't call yourself stupid, luv.
Stranger: okay then
Stranger: im smart
You: So luv, what... gender? I think that's what humans call it. What gender are you?
Stranger: haha. I am a girl, and u?
You: Oh well... I think by your standards, I'd be a male but I'd classify myself as a Time Lord.
Stranger: oh really? :p
You: Yes. Are you... familiar with my race?
Stranger: why? are you a vampire? :p
You: Vampires don't exist. Well, plamsavores do and they are similar to you humans silly vampire.
You: I mean, who has ever heard of a vampire SPARKLING?
Stranger: I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!! :D
You: ... Oh dear, I think I've lost her.
Stranger: love
Stranger: love
Stranger: love
You: I'm sorry. I am so sorry .
Stranger: love
Stranger: why? :p
You: Because Twilight is actually an infectious virus.
You: You'll be dead in about a week
Stranger: I know . You get obsessed!!
Stranger: Nooo!
You: The obsession you're feeling is actually tiny parasites eating away at your tiny brain.
You: ONly stupid people get infected ofr obvious reasons
Stranger: actually my brain is bigger than yours. I think of love and piece. When boys only think of WAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!
You: It's spelled "peace." And as a Time Lord, I'm against war
Stranger: whatever geek
Stranger: :D
You: And how old are you?
Stranger: im 16, u?
You: I'm a 900-year-old Time Lord. I think I win.
Stranger: yea right :D
Stranger: do you have any friends, geek? :)
You: Wow, nice comeback from the teeny-bopper Twilight-lover with a parasite eating her almost non-existent brain.
You: I'm 900 years old. Of course I have friends.
You: You do realized Edward Cullen is an abusive pedophile?
Stranger: okay. has he fucked you though?
Stranger: time lord is another word for gay lortd :D
Stranger: lord*
You: He can't "fuck" anything. In order to get an erection, he'd have to have blood but vampires don't.
Stranger: God, you're wierd?
You: Not only that, but his blood was replaced by a poisonous venom, according to SMeyer, so that would have killed Bella as soon as she came into contact with that.
You: Not weird, just smart and sensible.
Stranger: okay geek. bye?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I do believe Time lord > Twitward :D

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Chrichton said...

Yesterday I got introduced to the concept on Youtube.Why on Earth would someone participate if there is no chance of having a real conversation.All I could see was trolling and abuse.There were some people who were open for nice chats but they are the ones being eaten alive and skipped on anyway.Only can imagine what something like this does to your self esteem.Incredibly useless!

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