Tips and Tricks: Recommend LinkedIn News and Hyperlink Status

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1. Recommend LinkedIn News
Members can now recommend news articles to their company. This feature sends a network update to the company so everyone can read and discuss the article.

Of course, you can do the same from your LinkedIn News homepage as well, which contains a much longer list of News articles recommended to you.

Recommend a news item to your network

2. LinkedIn Status now with hyperlinks (check Network Updates)
Just a couple of weeks ago we announced the ability for you to import your network updates into your personal feed reader with a personal RSS feed. We thought we’ll enable you to share URLs within your network updates universe by allowing you to add hyperlinks to status. Now, if you include a link in your status, it will be clickable from Network Updates.

Check out updates from your network and click through those tiny urls

Feel free to leave a question whenever you’ve a minute and I’ll do my best to get back to you. If not, we’ll unleash Mario, our community guy, on your comments!

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