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Geoff Peterson, Managing Principal of General Lead, a provider of staffing services, and Editor of StaffBytes, has created a list of 55 tips, tricks, and strategies for networking on professional networking site LinkedIn.
Here are some highlights from the list, which can be found by registering here.
  • Join Jigsaw; Leverage LinkedIn through Jigsaw by email strings for every company; then using emails in place of LinkedIn InMail
  • Utilize LinkedIn applications out on Facebook
  • Explore Xobni for Outlook email users
  • Download Outlook toolbar; Send invitations to people you are not 1st connections with
  • Download web browser toolbar for IE or Firefox
  • Get noticed on search engines: change your public profile name to include your actual name
  • Place your email address in top of Summary in profile; Let other people know you are open to connect
  • State clear ways you want to connect out on LinkedIn in your profile summary
  • Be very descriptive and add as much detail as possible in each section: Experience down through Additional Information; Key words will get you more profile views, and in turn will get you found and produce more invitations that you should accept
  • Join the maximum number (50) of Groups in LinkedIn; Introduce yourself to each group as an open networker; Get involved in discussions & activities
  • Specifically check out LinkedIn LIONS, MyVirtualPowerForum and TopLinked
  • Join the OpenLink Network on LinkedIn
  • Create your own group on LinkedIn, Yahoo Groups or Ning
  • Read profiles carefully: Look for clues to contact such as email addresses or phone numbers listed in name, summary or contact settings
  • Dig into LinkedIn Answers; Ask and answer questions; Search past discussions for leads

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