Google Buzz: We Might Be On To Something

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Everyone and their dogs is talking about Google Buzz huh? So yeah I felt like jumping on the bandwagon too….
Jokes aside, I believe Google Buzz might actually become something. It is tough to say who will end up using it, how they are going to use it and so on, but Google managed to accomplish at least one thing: to make the tool accessible and easy to use, thanks to the integration with Gmail.
To illustrate my point: I received a Google Wave invite early on from a friend, but never actually used it, because the setup process required more than two clicks. I just figured that I would wait and if the thing went mainstream I would start using it. So far it has not.
Google Buzz is different because with one click on my Gmail account I accessed it. After that I just needed to pimp my Google Profile a bit et voilà. If you want to follow me here is the link:
My first impression is that Google wanted to get a piece of the microblogging/real time web action. Hence why they adopted the “following/followers” nomenclature. It reminds me of Twitter inside Gmail at times…
One drawback I see is the interruptions and emails you get while using Gmail from people using Google Buzz. If they become to much of a hassle I might need to turn the thing off.
Have you tried it? What are you thoughts so far?

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