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LinkedIn Launches Company Blog
Our good friend Mario Sundar is already making his mark at LinkedIn as the site's Community Evangelist, by announcing today that the site is launching its first blog. He also recently posted about his '3 tips before launching a corporate blog'.

Remembering the advice I gave last week in my 'Eight Steps for Revitalizing Your Company Blog' article, what should LinkedIn's blog content focus on? Should the online site focus on its own offerings, or instead on helping its readers maximize their networking efforts?

I bet Mario knows. If you're a company that's considering adding a blog, you should know as well. (Hint: It's about the readers, not you.)

Congrats again to Mario and the LinkedIn team for the launch. I have no doubt that under Mario's watchful eye, we'll soon be referencing LinkedIn's blog as a case study for corporate blogging done right.

UPDATE: Mario adds in the comments "I believe the goal of the company blog is to get the company (meaning those working internally) talking to the users and vice-versa."

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