Fascinating Omegle Chat Logs

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I have been chatting on Omegle all night, and some of the chats are absolutely fascinating. I don't want to flood this blog like I do my fun one. I will summarize here with links.

So far, I spoke with a dirt-road worker from Australia and a 15 years old sophomore girl tennis player from Maryland (trying to explain without sounding parent-yy about not sharing private information on the net).

I have been sharing these logs with a group of social scientists in an email thread. This is so intriguing.

The more interesting chat logs:

1. NSFW, very funny log where you see how anonymity lets people let loose.

2. A guy (apprently) coming out of the closet on Omegle.

3. Seeing social responsibility as base for good and evil
You may find this one boring, but I found it absolutely fascinating seeing how a person views the world in a way I find fscked up.

The person's social identity is what builds her (my guess) view of good and evil. I am thinking 17 years old.

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