5 Best Torrent Search Engines + Google Trick for Torrent Search!

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Update: Now we have few more nice torrent search engines. At the end of this post!
There are many sites which host torrent on Internet but most of them are spam sites or porn sites. So finding a torrent is hard and Google is not just enough to do this job. So here comes the list of search engines specially meant for searching torrents! At the end I will be sharing a trick to use Google for searching torrents!
torrentz 5 Best Torrent Search Engines + Google Trick for Torrent Search! Torrentz: This is my favorite. Simple and fast. Key feature is same torrent from different sources is not duplicated while showing results. So you get comprehensive search results. After selecting a torrent from results you can see user comments, various trackers, mirror links, related torrents & most important authenticity of that torrent.
It also have a dedicated movies & TV shows section. All torrent in these sections are verified. Additionally you can limit your searches to these sections. There is RSS feed option for these sections sections as well as for all search queries. So feed addicts will find torrentz most interesting!
ScrapeTorent ScrapeTorent: This also search across various torrent indexes. Key features are option to limit searches to particular category, option to filter dead-torrents & duplicates from results. They also have a forum if you need help. I come to know about this recently via Anil, a geek & fellow blogger.
pizzatorrent 5 Best Torrent Search Engines + Google Trick for Torrent Search! PizzaTorrent: I use this when torrentz fails. It shows real-time results from 15 best torrent hosts. It doesn’t club similar torrents in a single group so you may notice much higher number of results. But it does grouping by categories which saves you from downloading wrong torrent! However it produces too many useless results for multiword queries.
YouTorrentYouTorrent: It also shows real-time torrent results. By default it gathers results from 10 different torrent hosts. You can add/remove various torrent hosts for fine grained results. in left sidebar it shows related searches as well as top searches. This also produces few extra result which user may find useless. I think by default it looks search keywords in torrent description. This may be useful sometime but most of the time user is interested in torrent names only to get accurate search results.
PinkTorrentPinkTorrent: NOTE: This is for adults only. So skip this if you are minor according to laws in your county.
This is best for searching free porn torrents. I do not have more details about this but its best according to many reliable sources. Use at your own risk! Only thing about safety I can say never share your personal information with porn sites specially your credit card info!
GoogleGoogle: Yep Google can be used smartly to search anything on the Web! Just add filetype:torrent as it is to your search query and you will get results restricted to torrents. I use this only when all above fails. Unfortunately due to high amount of spam in torrent world you will be disappointed most of the times!
Also check 6 Most Frequently Used Google Search Operators For Better Searching!
There are many torrent search engines on net so it may happen I am missing your favorite one. Anyway let us know which one you like?
Update: Following is list of torrent search engine picked up from comments below…
BTJunkie Logo BTJunkie – They have database of 1.5 million torrents which they claimed to be largest. Better search options and ability to browse torrent is plus point. [Added by Juan's comment]
Toorgle Logo Toorgle – Power of Google Search used across 250+ torrent websites. Have index of more than 7 million torrents. A nice example of Googles custom search! :-)   [Added by Chris's comment]
Torrent Finder Logo Torrent-Finder – Optionwise this beats all other torrent search site. Really huge database, with fine-grain control over what you want to include in search! Results can be browse in tabs. [Added by Jack's comment]

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