How To Trace Mobile Numbers in India

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(India Only)
With rapid growth in mobile phone subscribers in India and low call rates, most calls we receive on our mobile are form other mobiles. At the same time, to cater increasing user-base most operators come up with new series everyday which makes remembering a cell number increasingly hard. Also sometime we just want to trace a mobile number for reasons like unknown number in miss call list, to get hint of callers permanent location (sounds unlikely, I know…), etc.
But if you have a look at this wiki page, you can certainly trace any mobile number up-to the level of its mobile operator and state (or zone) that’s too using first 4-digit only. It (wiki page) lists all mobile number series in nice tabular manner categorizing them according to mobile operator and state (or zone).
Like other wiki pages, this wiki is also updated regularly and provides you with latest information. I have never been disappointed by it and I am using it for over a year.
If you prefer simpler interface where you can just enter your cell number and get the desired information, you can try this website or this one.

Link: Mobile telephone numbering in India

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