MTV Eristoff MF 101 Participant revealed

7:52 PM |

Ankit Vengurlekar

Age: 27 years

Profession: TV Anchor

Insight: A livewire extrovert, he is never short for words or topics to talk about. Well read and traveled, he has a zestful spirit that’s impossible to ignore. He makes the saying ‘big things come in small packages’ a reality. He has come to Bangkok for a brief change in his reality, to explore, to meet new people, and to quench his undying thirst for travel.

i. Owning a pet tiger
ii. Swimming with Sharks
iii. Owning and running a French Vineyard
iv. Going war reporting with Christiana amanpour
v. Star in a movie with Megan fox 




Rohan Sapra

Age: 22 years

Profession: DJ

Insight: A Delhi boy, Rohan is the cool, calm player. He is smooth, suave, sophisticated and can introduce a positive vibe wherever he goes. His no-nonsense demeanour makes him an absolutely cool guy to hang out with, to party with or just have a great conversation with. He is in Bangkok to what he does best - chill, without a worry in the world. He lives for the moment and enjoys each one of it, living life king-size.

i. Richest man in the world
ii. Flying a chopper
iii. Owning a garage full of Super cars
iv. To go on a Long drive with a Beautiful girl, in the worlds fastest car.
v. To go on an island with the most beautiful women on earth where there is no one... JUST ME AND HER... 



Harpreet Baweja

Age: 27 years

Profession: Entrepreneur

Insight: A perfect fit in any environment, Harpreet is the adaptable, friendly guy. Though a successful entrepreneur, he doesn’t carry any airs about it. He constantly trains himself mentally and physically to achieve each and every dream. A man who makes his own luck, he already has a few feathers in his cap, or in other words, a chain of spas. Armed with a sense of humour and a cool attitude, he is a guy you’d notice the minute he walks into a room. Approachable, friendly and humourous, he lives the high life and is here in Bangkok to take it a step further!

i. Climbing Mt. Everest
ii. Learning to be a pilot
iii. Competing in the Ironman Triathlon
iv. Run the play boy empire
v. Be in the kill bill fight scene with Uma Thurman 




Sahil Salathya

Age: 22 years

Profession: Model

Insight: A fun-loving, outgoing and friendly guy, he is an established model in his own right - with many photo shoots and international and Indian Fashion Week ramp walks behind him already. A software engineer by graduation, he chose the path his heart decided, taking up modeling professionally. Already a familiar face at his young age, he knows the sky is his limit. He has talked the talk and walked the walk with the biggest and the best in the industry and came to Bangkok to have an awesome time, which is going to be just one of the many interesting chapters of his life, one that revolves around fun and adventure!

i. Sky Diving
ii. Jumping off the highest peak
iii. Space Travel!
iv. A beautiful candle light dinner on the Eiffel tower with Jessica alba
v. Just me and her on a private yacht for a couple of days at a stretch… Jessica Alba !

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Anonymous said...

sahil is so hotttttt

Anonymous said...

n ankit is so gay, rohan is a wannabe n mf 101 is just an average show

Anonymous said...

jus saw an episode! wow! i think harpreet is supa hott!! a greek god!!! also seems like an endearing charming guy! would so love to go out on a date with him someday!!will yu harpreet? ;) -lady x (frm b'lore) =)=)

Anonymous said...

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