Nimbuzz 1.3 for BlackBerry – Ready for download!

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Good news for all you BlackBerry users,  there is a new Nimbuzz version available to download.
Nimbuzz 1.3 for BlackBerry’s comes with a great set of features like:
  • Chat history – so you never miss a message even if you exit the application
  • Facebook connect – no more disconnecting errors!
  • See which of your phone contacts are already using Nimbuzz and when they are online
  • Send  free SMS text message invites  to your phone contacts so they can join Nimbuzz
And now that you know the highlights let’s find more about some of the above features.

Facebook Connect – What does this mean for you?
  • Eliminates disconnect errors
  • Improves security of your Facebook data
  • View the status message of your Facebook friends
What you need to remember?
Once you have installed the new Nimbuzz on your mobile please go to Menu->Settings->Accounts and reconnect to Facebook to see all your friends online!
After typing in your Facebook username and password, you need to allow Nimbuzz to access to the following Facebook permissions.
  1. Access my basic and profile information – to sign you in and display your Facebook profile picture.
  2. Access my data anytime – so you only need to input your username and password once.
  3. Access Facebook Chat – so you can start chatting with your Facebook friends.
  4. Post on my Wall – is an opt-in option you can confirm later. We won’t spam your friends.
  5. Access posts in my News Feed – so we can display your friends’ status message in Nimbuzz.
  6. Access my friends’ information – so we can display the names and pictures of your Facebook friends in Nimbuzz.
See which of your phonebook contacts are already using Nimbuzz and when they are online – How does this all work?
It’s all ingeniously tied together in one intuitive experience. First time you will login you will see who of your phone contacts are already using Nimbuzz and you will be able to invite the to become your Nimbuzz buddy :) .  If they accept you invitation than you will see them in your contact list every time  they come online. This means that instead of sending them an SMS you can chat with them for free on Nimbuzz.
Another great advantage about this feature is that now you know if it’s a good time to contact them or not. You can tell that by looking at their personal message and see if they are in meeting, at lunch, listening some music or just hanging around and contact them only if they can answer :) .
Last but not least you can send free SMS text message invites to your phone contacts so they can join Nimbuzz. To do that you have to:  Press the Blackberry specific key -> Add contacts -> Invite contacts to Nimbuzz-> Select who you want to invite :) . Simple as that.
If you want to get your hands on the latest Nimbuzz for BlackBerry update download it now from

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