RBG Roadie Audition Task 1 Announced

10:11 PM |

For your first challenge you are given three tasks. Raghu has been kind enough to let you guys to choose one out the three to perform and prove to him that you are Roadies material. So here are your three task options.

Task option 1 - Perform a folk dance or a folk song of any Indian state, show us how passionate you are about your country.

Task Option 2 - Impress Raghu with your talent - But NO singing and NO dancing, even monkeys can do that these days.

Task option 3 - Get your lazy behinds of your chair and do something good for your society, sweep the streets, teach poor children, clean toilets if you have to, get it all on a camera and send it to us.


After doing one task,submit it on MTV website as early as possible.

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