Why Orkut is NOT celebrating Pakistan’s Independence day???

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Just few hours back I have posted how Orkut is celebrating Indias 60 Years of Independence!
Then I received comment from Lovedeep on that post saying Orkut Logo featuring Indian tricolor looking great!
And I wondered how Orkut Logo is featured in Pakistan as Pakistan also completing 60 Years of Independence day on 14th August, 2007.
So I decided to use a proxy for Pakistan – www.orkut.pk and shocked to see normal orkut logo!
Curiously I contacted Orkut Team asking,

wat about pakistan???
they r also having their 60th independence day!
and they replied with this….
Thank you for your feedback. We would love to hear from you via email too! orkut-users@google.com
Why this biasness??? Is this Independence Day celebration is professional move from orkut without any real spirit? Even if the answer is yes, isn’t Pakistan matters for orkut atleast professionally??
Anybody out there can answer this???

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