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Roadies 8 Audition fom - Shortcut to hell

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Vodafone Unlimited Gprs Plans

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Unlimited GPRS by Vodafone India Prepaid
Rs. 14 for 3 days
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these offers are really cool. Almost access can all the web sites if your handset support that.

Go and enjoy! Above Plan for Kolkata circle only. For your state call 121 to know the plan.

MTV Roadies 8 Starting Now : Roadies 8 Audition Dates And Venue Is Out

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MTV Roadies 8 Starting Now : Roadies 8 Audition Dates And Venue Is Out
10th November - Kolkata
14th November - Delhi
19th November - Chandigarh
23rd November - Ahmedabad
26th November - Pune
30th November - Bengluru

Watch This Space For More Info.

MTV Roadies season 8

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Good news for all those crazy fellows who want to be a part of Roadies 8 (a k a, Highway to Hell). Now that Roadies Battle Ground 3 has concluded and we have a winner who will take part in Roadies 8, the actual dates of Roadies auditions are finally announced. Lot of people complain that Roadies audition is only held in Big cities and not in second tier cities like Lucknow. You are not the lone whiner this time since even Metro’s are missing from the list.

From South India, it’s only Bangalore where Auditions will take place. So where ever you are in the 4 Southern states, head to Bangalore (want inspiration? Take Sreeram, Indian Idol 5 winner who went all the way from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad for Auditions)

Kolkata is the city from the Eastern part.

Delhi and Chandigarh from the North

Ahmedabad and Pune from the Western part.

Audition dates are as follows:
10 November: Kolkata
14 November: Delhi
19 November: Chandigarh
23 November: Ahmedabad
26 November: Pune
30 November: Bangalore.
The exact address of the Venue’s for Auditions in these cities will be known in a short time.

MTV Roadies season 8

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So you think that there was something behind Anwar being the winner of Roadies 7? Do you feel for Mohit?
If you do, then Raghu would say ‘___ off you __, you don’t deserve to be a roadie, why would you feel for a looser’.

Okay, jokes apart, now that Roadies 7 is over, Roadies 8 is surely on its way in 2010 (or may be in early 2011) and Audition dates will be announced at any time from now. Auditions would be held in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chandigarh.

If you have any ambition of being a Roadie then you do not want to miss this chance.
Here’s some briefing on how things would pan out:

First the Audition dates would be announced.

Any interested candidate may visit any city or cities (If you’re that mad) on the given date and fill an initial Bio form.

Then there would be Group Discussion round and then an Interview.
If you’re mad and crazy, you are sure to be selected and then you are officially a Roadie, or perhaps a Rider (lol, whose concept?).

Keep checking for Roadies 8 Audition dates and further updates…

Update 2:

Roadies 8 audition dates are announced. Now get on the Highway to Hell

Update 1: Roadies Battle Ground 3 has just begun. Please visit this page to know more . The winner of the Roadies battle ground 3 will get a direct entry to Roadies 8, No group discussions or Interviews. Since the Battle ground has just begun, the actual Roadies 8 shouldn’t be that far away. Stay tuned for Audition dates….

Global Hello Pinless prepaid calling service

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KBC beats all other reality shows in TRPs

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Mumbai: On Monday night, Amitabh Bachchan and Kaun Banega Crorepati made a comeback on the small screen coinciding with the Big B's 68th birthday. So did Bachchan senior manage to make an impact on the TRPs?
Bachchan's return to the fourth season of Kaun Banega Crorepati has been an event in itself, while the show changed hands from Star Plus to Sony Entertainment -- the channel made sure that the opening episode was a celebration of sorts -- having coincided to play out with the Big B's 68th birthday.
Television viewers not only got to see Senior Bachchan mouth a few dialogues from some of his popular films but also witnessed the actor singing and shaking a leg before returning to play his role as the host. While there were a few tweets from the likes of Abhishek Bachchan and Akshay Kumar cheering the Big B's return to television, general public too gave a thumbs up to the show.
Going by aMap ratings, KBC 4 seems to have opened with a bang when compared with other recent Star driven television shows.

Roadies 8 Official Information of MTV

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This time Roadies 8 is going to be Public..

Source : Twitter account of Raghu

RBG FInal roadies jounet yo Roadies 8

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The final three contestants:
Vishal Chopra
Vibhor Sharma
Kenneth Lawrence
     Click here to Watch Video    

Watch MTV RBG FInale full video

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Suresh Kalmadi booed at CWG closing ceremony

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New Delhi, Oct 15: The international athletes and Commonwealth Games Federation may have enjoyed their stay in Delhi, but Indians have not yet forgiven Suresh Kalmadi for the series of scandals that hit the Delhi Games before it kick started. This was made evident at the closing ceremony when the crowd at the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium booed the Organising Committee chief.

Buzz Kalmadi was greeted with loud booing from the packed stadium on Thursday, Oct 14 when he came up to make a speech marking the end of the 12-day multi-discipline sporting event

Besides jeering at Kalmadi when he reached the mike to begin his speech, the spectators also made their displeasure with the controversial Organising Committee loud and clear when the chief thanked his colleagues.

The mention of the name - Lalit Bhanot, secretary general of the Organising Committe and its unpopular spokesman - prompted the loudest boos.

Kalmadi had apparently written down a long list of names he wished to thank at the ceremony. However, he was forced to rush through due to the negative feedback.

However, there were cheers for Kalmadi's praise of the people of Delhi, mention of achievements of Indian athletes, Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikhsit, and the Army, which had in the last minute stepped in to save the face of India to re-build a collapsed bridge at the stadium.