MTV Roadies season 8

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So you think that there was something behind Anwar being the winner of Roadies 7? Do you feel for Mohit?
If you do, then Raghu would say ‘___ off you __, you don’t deserve to be a roadie, why would you feel for a looser’.

Okay, jokes apart, now that Roadies 7 is over, Roadies 8 is surely on its way in 2010 (or may be in early 2011) and Audition dates will be announced at any time from now. Auditions would be held in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chandigarh.

If you have any ambition of being a Roadie then you do not want to miss this chance.
Here’s some briefing on how things would pan out:

First the Audition dates would be announced.

Any interested candidate may visit any city or cities (If you’re that mad) on the given date and fill an initial Bio form.

Then there would be Group Discussion round and then an Interview.
If you’re mad and crazy, you are sure to be selected and then you are officially a Roadie, or perhaps a Rider (lol, whose concept?).

Keep checking for Roadies 8 Audition dates and further updates…

Update 2:

Roadies 8 audition dates are announced. Now get on the Highway to Hell

Update 1: Roadies Battle Ground 3 has just begun. Please visit this page to know more . The winner of the Roadies battle ground 3 will get a direct entry to Roadies 8, No group discussions or Interviews. Since the Battle ground has just begun, the actual Roadies 8 shouldn’t be that far away. Stay tuned for Audition dates….

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