25 Tweaks for Your Firefox Status Bar

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Want to add a few more features and functionality to your Firefox status bar?  Here are a some common tweaks you may want to make, and how you can get them added to your own browser.
Extended Statusbar – check out speed, percentage, time and loaded size and more
Organize Status Bar – clear the clutter out of your status bar
Cookie Button – C is for cookie, and this add-on makes it easy enough to access cookie permissions.  (ok, so it doesn’t make a good song)
Calculator-Bar – adds a calculator to your status bar (big surprise there, right?)
Unshorten – see the real location of a short URL (such as tinyurl.com/something) in your browser
PopupMaster – places the popup blocker icon in the status bar, regardless of site settings
Router Status – give you the status of your router in the toolbar or status bar
ShowIP – shows your IP address and some more cool tools
Daily Dilbert – instant access to the Dilbert comic strip of the day
Dcurrency – currency exchange rates in the status bar
Live IP Address – Your current IP address in your status bar
TabCounter – gives you the number of tabs you currently have open
Viral Threat Level – adds an image to the status bar that indicates the current viral threat level of the internet
YMail Notifier – notifies you when you get new mail to your Yahoo! e-mail account
SportsFox – latest sport scores for your favorite teams
Prefswitch – quickly activate/deactivate settings like CSS, JavaScript and more
Dictionary Switcher – toggles between the installed dictionaries and displays the currently selected dictionary in the status bar
US Department of Homeland Insecurity Idiocy Level – yes, that is a long name for an add-on
Status-bar Calculator – another status bar calculator (in case you need two)
Open Tab Count – counts the number of open tabs you have, just in case you forgot
Word Count Plus – counts number of words in selected text
Dictionary – comes in handy when you quickly want to find the meaning of a word
TwitterFox – notifies you of your friends’ statuses of Twitter
IsAdmin – shows whether the application is running with administrator privileges, by means of an icon in the status bar
Firesizer – allows you to resize the window to specific dimensions
Have a favorite I might have missed?  Let me know via the comments and maybe we can get this list up even higher.

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