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Tour In Thailand
Introduction to Thailand

American singles who like to tour around the world ,let's to know Thailand.
At the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand is an independent king dom which combines 20th century sophistication with an ancient culture that has evolved over the past 700 years.

Covering just over 500,000 sq km it is bordered by Malaysia to the south, Myanmar to the west, Laos to the north and Kampuchea to the east. It is unique amongst Southeast Aian nations in that it has never been occupied by a foreign colonial power, and has maintained a cohesive sense of national identity and traditional culture.

American Singles are the once group of tourist who like to visited Thailand
With over five million annual visitors, Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. It has an enourmous amount to offer, from ancient temples to rainforests and remote islands with palm fringed beaches and, of course, coral reefs teeming with life for divers and snorkellers.

Tourism is an important part of the service economy. The country's rapid development in recent years has brought with it all the usual problems, such as infrastructure bottlenecks, environmental degradation and incresed social pressures. Despite a spectacular economic growth, the majority of th epopulation still earn their living from farming, with rice being the main crop.

Bangkok and the regions of Thailand
American singles should know about BANGKOK
The population of Thailand is around 60 million, with approximately 10 million people living in the capital, Bangkok This massive, vibrant, traffic bound city dominates the country's central region and functions as the cultural, religious, economic and political centre of the country.

Thailand is divided into four distinct regions: the mountainous north, the vast northeast plateau, the central plains, and the narrow Isthmus of Kra to the south, stretching down to the border with Malaysia.

Once coverd in teakwood forests, the mountainous northern region appeals to the adventurous traveller, with one of the main attractions being the prospect of trekking through remote and not so rmote villages inhabited by a diversity of tribal peoples. The main focal point for the region is the growing centre of Chiang Mai, Thailand's second ' city.

Isan ( american singles like Isan )
Separated from Laos by the Mekong River, the northeast plateau is dominated by argriculture ( rice, fruit and vegetables) and is one of the poorest regions in the country . Known as Isan, this region has a distinct culture and dialect ( reflecting its proximity to Laos,), and although it is the least developed area in Thailand it is an interesting area to visit, with ancient stone temples dating back almost 10 centuries. It is growing in importance as the gateway to the newly reopened destination of Laos.

The central plains are another important rice growing area, and , although most visitors tend to pass them by on their way further northm, there are ancient cities, such as Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, which repay exploration.

Idyllic islands ( American singles they like to tour the Thailand islands )
It is the islands and beaches of southern Thailand which hold the greatest appeal for tourists, and, whether you're looking for solitude or sophisticated nightlife, there is plenty of choice, The Andaman coastline, to the west of the Kra Isthmus, boasts fabulous scenery and dazzling beaches. The largest and best known of the island destination here is Koh Phuket, which has been attracting tourists for a number of years and is now in full sewing, high rise hotels appear inexorable above the palm trees. Further south, the destinations of Koh Phi Phi and Krabi ( on the mainland ) are well on the way to recovering from the 2004 Tsunami and are still mostly geared to independent travellers, although they are also gaining popularity as family destinations as is the more remote and charming island of Koh Lanta further south.

The Gulf of Thailand( American singles who like Gulf of Thailand should know )
In the Gulf of Thailand on the other side of the Kra Isthmus, the best known destination is the island of Koh Samui: other islands within the Samui Archipelago, such as Koh Phangan and Koh Tao,are also popular. To the east of Bangkok , the beach resort of Pattaya bears little resemblance to the real Thailand and has a notourious reputaion, but further east still there are several virtually untouched islands awaiting the adventurous traveller Koh Chang, for instance, which is the country's second largest island offers miles of beaches and unexplored forest.

to and around Thailand ( Suitable for american singles )

More than 50 international airlines serve the country with daily direct flights to Bangkok from most major cities in Europe, USA and Australia, and there are also frequent flights from other countries in Southeast Asia to Bangkok and Phuket.

You can drive into Thailand from Malasia and Laos the latter journey takes you over the famous Thai Laos Friendship Bridge across the Mekong, at Nong Khai if you are coming into the country from Singapore or Malaysia and if yu have a great deal of money to spare think about the 34 hr journey on the luxurious Eastern & Oriental Express, sister to the famous Orient Express.

Visas ( for everybody not for american singles only )
People of most nationalities can obtain free visas, valid 30 days, on arrival at Bangkok International Airport and other entry points: these will be issued only if you have a current passport and ticket to take yu out of the country at the end of your stay. Longer stay visas are available , for a fee, from Thai embassies and consulates around the world: specify whether yu want a transit visa (valid 30 days), a tourist visa ( valid 60 days) or a non immigrant visa ( valid 90 days and difficult to obtain ). If you have a tourist visa you can, once in Thailand ,apply for a 30 day extenson. If you plan to leave Thailand temporaaarily during your stay, you must obtain a re entry visa, available from the Immigration Department in Bangkok.

Customs ( for everybody not for american singles only )
Customs are usually no trouble, unless you are carrying pornography, firearms, large amounts of cash ( over $10,000) , or illicit drugs for possession of which the penalties are draconian. The allowances for the usual luxury goods perjume, alcohol and the like vary, so check them before departure . Please note that you are required to bring a minimum amount of currency into the country which varies depending on your visa.

Getting around ( American singles like to getting around Thailand ,how to do that )
Thailand has a good rail service: the fares are inexpensive, timetables are usually adhered to, and the trains themselves are comfortable an clean with four classes so that you can choose between economy and air conditioned luxury. One pitfall toavoid is that of not booking early enough: on teh trunk routes you should book at least a month in advance . The main railway station serving the southern destinations in Bangkok is Hualumpong.

Long distance duses are a cheaper alternative, but you take your life in yur hands if you travel on one of these. The driving is often atrocious. If you decide to risk it, opt for an air conditioned service: the comparatively small cost difference is worth it. In mor remote areas you may be able to go to the opposite extreme from air conditioning to just plain air by travelling on a songthaew. This is essentially a pickup truck with a couple of wooden benches in the back. Songthaews travel on fixed routes, like buses, and are very cheap.

Taxis, tuk tuks ( three wheeled scooters ) and pedal tricycles operate in most parts of Thailand .You use these much as you would use4 a taxi at home, except that the latter require you to negotiate a price bfore setting off and remember to bargain. Do noe that in may areas the drivers may not speak English, so, to avoid confusion, get yuor hotel receptionist to write down your destination in Thai so that you can show it to th3e driver. Ask at your hotel what a reasonable fare to the destination might be.

For longer distance air travel is the easiest option and not prohibitivly expensive. Thai Airways International has an extensive network: BAngkok Airways has a smaller ohne serving some destinations that Thai Airways does not, notably Koh Samui.

Recent years have seen deregulation of air travel in Thailand and a number of new low cost domestic carriers . Reliability may be factor.

Money ( The american singles should know about this )
The unit of currency is the Thai BAht, which comprises 100 satang. All major credit cards are widely accepted. If you prefer travellers' cheques, obtain them in either Sterling Euros or US dollars.

Currency exchange can be done either at banks or, in the major tourist areas, at currency exchange counters. The larger hotels will also change money, but usually give a poor rate of exchange . Daily exchange rates are published in two newspapers the Bangkok Post and the Nation.

Health ( for everybody not for american singles only )
No particular vaccinations or inoculations are officially required before you enter the country, unless you do so from an area where an infection is rife.

Check your route with your local consulate or embassy in case there are necessarey inoculations. Ask to be protected against hepatitis A and B, tetanus, malaria and typhoid. Once in Thailand, do not drink tap water.

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