Canada Jobs in Health Care

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Mr. Gupta

tell me about the part time jobs there.
its easily available there like in store factories like these jobs.and tell me if i will complete my 2 years of masters than i will get the visa for how many years.
plz tell me what about the the professional jobs if i will complete 2years prog. in hospital management or health care management.its easy to get the job there.
plz tell me what is the approximate fee for masters in indian currency.
i am a bams doctor(bachelor in ayurvedic medicines and sciences).this a bachelor degree after completion of this degrre i get the govertment job.and last from the 3years i m in govt.job. my age is 27years. may i get the pr of canada if i donot have the job there.plz suggest me.
Part time Jobs
Part-time jobs during the course of study are easy to get either on-campus or off-campus. The pay would be better if you do part-time job on-campus (10$ per hour) and also would be eligible to work legally. If you plan to do job off-campus, then you can only do it after 6 months of study or if you have genuine employer letter. Therefore, it is easy to work on-campus while you are enrolled as full-time student.

If you are looking to do job off-campus, initially for 6 months you have to do cash jobs (usually 5$ to $6 per hour). It would depend on your contacts to find such jobs. Since Canada is very easy on student visa this year, there are bulks of students coming to Canada; hence it will get very badly competitive later.
Health Care Management studies and Jobs
Since you have done bachelors in ayurveda, the prospects are narrow in Canada. Alternate medicine is less practised in Canada. So you have to change the stream of study. The options that you can opt for are nursing courses, pharmacy technician, medical assistant, Emergency services and so on. Look into the link just to get an idea of types of program offered
In Canada you can choose to study either in college or university. Full masters’ courses of 2 years are available only in universities, whereas colleges have 15 or 18 months courses (post graduate diplomas). If you ask me personally, I would recommend doing a university degree, as it has more good prospects in future and recognised higher by most employers.
However, the fees are drastically different for both institutions. For example
PG diploma in Marketing of 12 months at centennial college = $11,000
Masters in Marketing /Business Administration at Brock University = $ 35,000
A university fee goes high as you will be an international student. Same applies to college fees too. For university you can opt for masters in hospital management.
If your interests are solely towards getting PR then definitely I would advise to get admission in college and not university.
The reasons are you would be eligible for PR due to work experience and age. Also you will have additional points from spouse profile. Go to this website and take a self-test for points.
By the time you are enrolled for any medical course in college, prepare all documents for your PR within 6 months time and apply in Canada. (Be sure to have birth certificate, police clearance, IELTS-general , bank certificate of $10,000 and other important documents ready) You will also be eligible for one year OPEN work permit of one year if you do 12 months college course and 3 years open work permit if you do 24 months course. So by the time you are on work permit, you should be through with PR process.
Your wife will get visa equivalent to years of visa you have. The only difference is that she has to apply on her own for work permit. I would advise to apply for her visa once you have already stayed in Canada for one year.
If you have more questions, leave a comment here.
Good Luck

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