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Openin a GD is high risk high return strategy. Mostly the opening speaker get much time to prsent his point, reason is thet the other members will still be trying to understand basic issues of the subject, or are too nervous to speak & waiting someone else to start. So he evaluators get best chance to observe opening speaker. This is like a double edged sword, if the opening speaker talks sense then he will get good points as he started the GD & took group to right direction. But if there is less or no sense then he will attract attention of the evaluators to his shortcomings. He will be marked as a person who speak without thinking.
Identifying the best time to enter a GD is also a skill you should develop. In a GD where one or more members are speaking loudly it becomes difficult for others to get a chance to speak. This is frequent problem encountered by participants. There is no exact solution for it. but you can try some tips below
Every GD is at its peak & low, at peak every one is speaking loudly or wants to speak i.e. GD members has too much to speak, so you can wait for low where no one can speak or GD is slow.
You can ask question about what you about the subject. This can attract others attention to you & you can start speaking.
Try to speak after a person completes his few points. If you try to interject in beginning of a person's point then it will not effective for you & him also. But don't wait too long.
Enter with supporting details or points. It is a good way to interject in GD that you make supporting point to one that is just been raised. People will let you speak if you support their point or praise them. Say like "I agree with this & I want to add..."

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