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Count the duration, in days, from the time you start your CAT preparation to August 31st. After August, you will be busy in taking those mock CATs and you will hardly have any time for studies. Therefore, if you are starting your CAT preparation on 1st of May, you have roughly 120 days of study time.
Assume that you will get 75% of these days for studies. The rest 25% will be lost in sleeping, watching movies or just staring at that nice girl living in the nearby building . Therefore, from May 1st to August 31st you have roughly 90 days of study time.
Assume that you will study 4 hours everyday. These 4 hours are separate from the time spent in reading newspapers or attending any CAT coaching. Also, if you study more, do the calculations in your own way. From those 4 hours, devote 2 hours to quant, 1 hour to Verbal, and 1 hour to DI. Therefore, given 90 days of study time, you have 180 hours to study quant, 90 hours for Verbal, and 90 hours for DI.
Break down those study hours according to percentage breakup of the various topics given in the table above. For example, from 180 hours of quant you should have 22% devoted to Number system. Therefore, you need to devote roughly 40 hours to Number system.
Once you have number of hours, planning becomes simpler. Just start from the highest occurring topic and move to the lowest occurring topic. The beauty of this method is that you would have covered the most important topic at the beginning of your preparations and even if you are not able to cover the least important ones because of lack of time, it would not hurt you so much!
For those who are attending any CAT coaching, if the topics covered in the coaching are different from the ones you are studying according to your plan, then you need to study hard during your coaching classes. Do the class exercises there itself. Pay attention the instructor and study as much as you can in the class itself.

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