ESADE-MBA essay questions 2010-2011

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Q1. Write a brief explanation of your most important professional and personal achievements to date.
The essays are all pretty short – so there?s not much room for too much of an intro para. You could therefore pick 1-2 important professional achievements, e.g. securing a contract from a vital client, implementing a six sigma project which saved the co XXX amount etc and 1 noteworthy personal achievement. Also add why you consider these achievements special. Dont make this essay read like a resume -so avoid cramming in too many points.
Q2. What do you consider your most powerful strength or asset? Describe a situation where you demonstrated this strength or asset?
Are you a great innovator or maybe you have excellent strategic thinking skills/ leadership ability – introspect about what is your USP and how it differentiates you from others. How have you demonstrated this quality, and what positive outcomes have been generated owing to your particular strength?
Q3. If you could pick the one quality that characterizes a good leader, which would you choose and why?
The Adcom wants to know what your preferred leadership stance is i.e. do you believe that leadership is most importantly about vision or is it about being able to bring people together or about managing change etc- follow the essay prompt and even though your conception of leadership maybe a composite of many qualities, focus on 1 quality which is above others in importance. You could even mention a famous leader who may be the inspiration behind your thinking.
Q4. What are your mid- and long-term goals after doing the MBA?
This is different from other MBA essays which usually ask for short term or post MBA goals and long term ones. Here the purpose is to know what sort of career direction you have envisaged for yourself, rather than a specific role post MBA. So you could mention a functional area in which you see yourself growing or a career path in a certain kind of industry, about 5-7 years down the line. Focus more on the kind of responsibilities/job scope you see for yourself in the medium and long term.

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