Facebook To Announce Email Service?

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This is what I call a full circle. While all the major Email vendors like Google, Yahoo, MSN are busy adding social networking features to their services, Facebook is busy rewriting its messaging product. And now, according to Techcrunch, Facebook is all set to unveil a revamped set of communication services, christened Project Titan, that will include Web-based email service complete with @facebook.com on Monday press conference.
A Logical Move
On second thought, this move seems to be logical. Facebook has more than 500 million users around the world. People spend more of their time online with Facebook than with any other Internet company, including Google and Yahoo. Facebook already has an online chat service and an elementary system to exchange messages but the features which are currently supported leave much to be desired from a messaging system. Now, with a full featured email product, Facebook wants people to weave their online lives even more tightly into it.

Facebook in recent months has added a number of features in its armory such as the Location feature that allows users to announce their location and a Groups feature that allows its users to share items with select groups of friends. Like these features, the new communication services will provide Facebook with an opportunity to spend more time with consumers. And it is a no brainer that more the time people spend on Facebook, more the profit it makes.

There is very little chance that the Facebook messages will ever be used for professional communications. Remember, Facebook is banned in most of corporate settings but still the new feature can take the personal communication to a new level. Facebook has the world’s most popular photos product, the most popular events product and second most popular online video content. Add to all these features a sturdy messaging system and you will understand what I mean to say. The new communication service will not only enhance Facebook’s product offerings but it will also take it one step closer in its attempt to become your default social profile. Well, for Google and others, it will pose as a serious challenge to tackle with, but for users it could turn out to be a win-win offer.

So, let’s wait till we hear more from the press conference. One thing is for sure though, with Google and others will be keeping a close eye on the proceedings, we will not be alone.
So are you excited about the new offering from Facebook?

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I am already using facebook e-mail account.

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