Health Care Management & Health Services MBA Programs

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The healthcare system in this country is a crucial one, and in order to function smoothly it requires professional and experienced managers and administrators. A great deal of work goes on ‘behind the scenes’ in today’s healthcare system – many of us think about nurses, doctors, and other frontline professionals when we think of the health service, but without the professionalism and expertise of the managers and administrators, chaos would likely ensue. A Healthcare Management MBA is ideal for anyone wanting to work in this challenging and exciting area.

A healthcare management MBA is an important stepping stone for healthcare professionals preparing for a management role, or for managers transitioning into healthcare from another industry. Specialized training is crucial, given the unique challenges of administering a healthcare organization.

Healthcare managers face unique challenges in controlling costs while maintaining quality of patient care. This specialized MBA trains managers to effectively distribute resources in the context of legal, regulatory, and ethical requirements.

In addition to business fundamentals, coursework covers resource allocation, risk assessment, and financing. Depending on the focus of the program, the curriculum may also cover working with HMOs, healthcare finance, database management, healthcare strategic management, and health policy.

For those already working within the healthcare service, a Health Care Management MBA is the ideal way to succeed and enjoy rapid progression. There are many opportunities within the healthcare service for those with the right qualifications and skills, and gaining your Healthcare Management MBA will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to improve your prospects of promotion and enjoy a long and rewarding career in this area.

Often, students in a health care M.B.A. course have a clinical background and seek higher levels of administration and management. An M.B.A. offers them a way to rapidly progress. Those M.B.A. graduates without prior health care industry experience also have options, which include everything from administrators for managed-care companies to marketing offices of pharmaceutical companies and physician groups.

Programs offering a health care M.B.A. come in several types. You can choose between a one- or two-year full-time program or various part-time programs, which can take up to four years. Executive programs are also offered as part-time and joint programs, which could combine law and an M.B.A., for example.

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Healthcare managers can expect no shortage of demand for their expertise, as the healthcare industry expands and the need for effective management becomes even more pressing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts faster than average growth in healthcare management jobs, with especially strong prospects in practitioner's offices and home healthcare agencies.

Efficiency is critical for administrators in the health care industry. Graduating with the right tools for a health care career will increase your chances of employment. You can look for entry-level health care management positions at health care agencies, doctors' offices, group medical practices, government agencies and private insurance companies. If you have a degree or certificate you significantly increase your chances of securing an administrative health care career.

Health services managers with a specialized healthcare management MBA are well positioned to land the top management jobs. The MBA is no guarantee of performance, but graduates are likely to earn over the $71,280 annual median for all health care managers in 2004.

Universities offering Online Health Care Management & Health Services MBA Programs
Some of the popular Universities offing this online degree are listed here:
  • University of Phoenix
  • Jones International University
  • American InterContinental University
  • Walden University
  • Regis University

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