IIM CAT 2009

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The IIM MBA CAT examination starting from November 29 to December 7 will be different in more ways than one, with major logistics revamp to suit the new format.
Candidates will get only 15 minutes to familiarise themselves with the new system on how to answer and review the questions before the actual test lasting two hours and 15 minutes begins. The testing sessions will be audio and video recorded. Contingency plans have been put in place in the event of power outage, technical glitches , medical outbreaks, natural calamities and terrorist attacks, according to the guidebook.
An estimated 2.41 lakh candidates are said to have registered for CAT this year as compared to 2.46 lakh who took the test in 2008. MBA CAT is a qualifying test for a management programme at the seven Indian Institutes of Management iim as well as other institutes that accept the CAT scores. It will be held in close to 104 test centres across 32 cities in India. The results will be declared on the CAT website by the end of January.

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