MBA Carrer opportunities

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IIM MBA degree provides you with innumerable career opportunities in various fields .It is especially beneficial to get jobs in high level positions such as managerial and executive level jobs. Whether you are looking to further your career in your existing job or are looking to change your job and start your career afresh, an IIM MBA degree can be very valuable in either scenario.

The job prospects for an IIM MBA student is probably better than for any other career. Most companies today recruit business graduates with an MBA qualification as they have the necessary knowledge and skills for the job ahead of them. Fresh Management graduates are usually recruited on-campus. Corporate organizations, multinationals, foreign banks, foreign financial institutions, and others attempt to woo students from the top management schools with lucrative job offers. Most of the major business schools have also initiated career placement schemes for the benefit of graduating alumni and possibly the best way of judging an institute is by the companies that visit for campus placements.

Industrial houses, manufacturing companies, business corporations, multinational companies, export or trading companies, banks and financial institutions, marketing organizations and public sector enterprises mostly recruit iim MBA for all their management positions. After an initial period of training in an organisation, the newly qualified iim MBA join as executive or assistant managers. Larger development agencies/ non-governmental organisations, and international agencies like the World Bank, UNICEF and other UN bodies, OXFAM, also prefer to recruit MBA.

In recent years, iim MBA graduates are also looking at entrepreneurial ventures, some even giving up lucrative job offers to chart their own business path. Some, after gaining some experience choose to venture into consultancy services planning marketing strategy, providing technological or other expertise, or services to other organisations. In other words, iim MBA can work anywhere, and rise to whatever level they are capable of.

While there are many students who aspire to get into management, it is important to keep in mind that all are not necessarily suited for a career in management. Managers require to have High IQ, strong analytical skills, numeracy; ability to quickly grasp changing business acumen; some entrepreneurial flair, decisiveness and high motivation and achievement orientation. Managers are team leaders, and at all levels must enthuse subordinates into carrying out tasks in a way that they themselves would wish to have done them. They are also expected to ensure that operations run smoothly in their particular field or department. Communication is also one of the most important aspects of management as managers spend 70 per cent of their time talking to people.

There is moreover a lot of scope and promise in the future with the Indian economy growing at such a fast pace, and new areas like retail, lifestyle, housing, real estate among others facing a shortage of qualified managers.So if you have what it takes, and are willing to work the 28 hours a day expected of MBA, then you know which way you are headed.

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