Preparation Strategy For CAT

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The preparation strategy should aim at maximum effectiveness and improvement in the least possible amount of time. Smart Hard work is the order of the day. Nation-wide competitive examinations are not for blind sloggers.

The Preparation strategy should focus on

· Getting acquainted with the various patterns of questions that have been coming in the entrance tests.
· Developing the knowledge base required to tackle the questions.
· Practice, practice, practice in a simulated test environment.
· Defining yardsticks of performance in a phased manner of increasing difficulty, and achieving them.

As it is not possible for a candidate to be equally competent in all sections, and since all the questions in the test cannot be solved in the given time, a well-prepared candidate should be conscious of the test dynamics and be ready with a test taking strategy involving

· Assessment of strengths and weaknesses.
· Time allocation per question, per section.
· Decision criteria for selecting, deferring or rejecting a question.
· Sequencing of sections.

It should be borne in mind that improving the command over the language sections will take a longer time when compared with that required for quantitative sections.

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