Prepare For CAT

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Usually CAT consists of following sections:

Reading Comprehension
D.I. & Data sufficiency
Verbal Ability
Quantitative Ability

The number of questions asked in CAT is normally not fixed & can vary from year to year. The Change in CAT pattern includes the areas covered, type of questions, number of questions, structure of questions etc. There can be changes even in whether in time limit for you CAT exam. Your Preparation should cover basic concepts in various areas, practice in different type of questions that appeared in various entrance exams.

CAT is one of the entrance exam for MBA that is prepared by IIM whose structure changes very rapidly as compared to any entrance exam in the world. Experts says that the competition is much tougher to get entry into IIM MBA then in any other B school MBA program like Stanford, Wharton etc.

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jeety said...

MBA Entrance Exams :-- Last Week Tips on Psycho Somatic

With time closing in, building of pressure is inevitable. Please don’t get nervous. Nervousness will affect
your performance. You have so far done your best, now is the time to calmly revise. At any perceptible sign
of anxiety, breathe deeply ten to twelve times and feel relaxed. Ensure good sleep for at least 6 hours. Take
a brisk walk for at least 20 to 30 minutes, preferably in the morning when you get good fresh air. Your brain
cells need oxygen. Feed it.

Last week planning:

MBA Entrance Exams :-- Last Week Tips

Plan your study schedule and abide by it. Put down summary details and go through the same periodically. Make
sure that concepts are clear to you. Trying to memorize something is much easier when concepts are clear then

MBA Entrance Exams

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