Some common questions in mind for IIM GD

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Every CAT aspirant has some common misconceptions about IIM GDs. Some questions like how many times should I speak? or strarting a GD gives me an advantage, like that, bother us every time & intimidate ourselves.
So to guide you on these issues I strarted GD special for my this blog.
Some FEQs regarding GDs are

How many times should I speak in a GD?
It is not important to the examiner how many times you spoke but he evaluates by what you speak, did your words make sense, does it adds some thing to GD topic, do you changed the course of GD to some important points about topic. If you speak only at once concerning above points then it is sufficient.

Starrting a GD gives me an advantage?
Firstly I must say there is no panic if you can not start GD. only one person can strat GD; that does not mean others are not so good. But if you start GD properly it definitely it definitely give some good points to you.

I must speak for the issue or against issue?
Wrong, Most of people conclude GD before they finish their sentence. GDs are not debates where you should select one side. You canspeak both if you have some good points in GDs.

If somebody is shouting then I too must strart shoouting, right?
This happens very often in GD's thet the whole group strarts shouting & each one blames it on others. You could joine them, but if you have been at GD's then you realize that there are time when group hits a crescendo & then there is a sudden lull, this probably is time to enter discussion. In any case you must at least make effort to get yourself heard through there is no reason to shout throughout GD.

Sould I say 'excuse me' before I interrupt some one?
Its GD dude, so you need not to appologize to present your point. If some is saying some thing & you have some point to make then dont suppress your point, just give away. Please don't say things like "as my learned friend said" or any other such niceties.

Do I need to give Introduction before I get to the point?
Please do not give any introduction.

Hope these answers help you make your mindset. These guidelines are my own views & expirience not provided by any IIM body.

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