Some PI questions asked in XLRI

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1. Tell me about yourself. What traits do you have which will help in your career in management?
2. How is L&T different from family business? (The student's family has L&T dealership)
3. What do you want to specialise in? Why? In any set up, is not marketing very important?
4. If you don't get XLRI, would you be very disappointed? After XLRI, will you work? How long?
5. What is the aim of your business? If it is not "only money", what else? How big id it?
6. Is there a forum for redressal labour disputes in your business?
7. Businessmen are not ethical. What do you think. How would you deal with it?
8. Government scheme of giving bonds for declaring black money. Do you think it works?
9. If you were the Finance Minister, what would you do? Tax laws?
10. What do you want in life?
1. How do you pronounce your name?
2. What does your name mean?
3. Tell us something about yourself.
4. Do you think you can work under somebody as a subordinate?
5. As a girl how will you be able to manage things?
6. What would you like to specialise in?
7. What are the electives that we offer?
8. Name the courses offered in Finance.
9. Have you gone through the XLRI prospectus?
10. What are the activities which XLRI students indulge in (Extra curricular)?
11. What are the scholarships we offer?
12. What are your hobbies?
13. Name any cartoonist and any painter. (this was a follow-up of the previous question)
14. What is a secular state?
15. Give an example for a theocratic state.
16. Do you read any economic newspapers?
17. What was the activity that was dominated in news? (Answer given: Budget; Davos summit)
18. Was Davis summit an economic or political event? Why?
19. Tell us something about Kolar. (Note that the student's surname was Kolar and hence this question)
20. What does your father do?
21 What does DRDL stands for?
22. What are agricultural research centres in Hyderabad?
23. What does ICRISAT stand for?
24. What is semi arid?
25. Is Hyderabad a semi arid region?
26. Tell us about prohibition in A.P.
(Interview lasted for approx. 15-20 min.)
1. Why did you not confirm your participation (for the interview)?
2. What are you subjects?
3. What changes havew been there in the recent Budget with relation to personal Income tax?
4. What do you know about Union Budget?
5. What is fiscal deficit?
6. Compare Budgets of Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh.
7. What are your views on privatisation of Railways?
8. Tell us about corruption in Railways?
9. Give a brief valedicatory speech.
10. Why do you want to do Personnel Management?
11. Your views on VRS?
12. Why do you want to leave Railways?

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