Strategies for IIM GD-1

10:35 PM |

In this session I will tell you what really works for GD. How should you set your mind for GDs.

When prposing a idea in GD, your proposal should be structured & symmetrically put across to others in group. you must be very clear in your communication & thinking. Your charm & command over language works for you but after that it is simply your intelligence. After proposing idea you can ask question related to your point which can give you to think about another points, ideas. The group discussion is a systematic process, once you can handle it there is no need to you to use any techniques like shounting or hammering your fist on table.
Group discussion is like your daily discussion with your friends about any movie or event. So be your natural self in GDs. Don't be artificial while GD. Face GD like a routine situation so that you will not be nervous.
The GD's are participating of every member with good points on issue. You must speak in GD, it is not like seminar. For any GD you take a piece of paper & pen with you, note down major issues regarding the subject Strart speaking only when you have understood & analysed the topic.

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