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Read a lot is only mantra to improve knowledge, speed of reading, understanding & interpreting given passage. Reading books will help you to get writers views, perceptions, thinking. But when you read a novel don't just read it for sake of fun or to pass time but while reading note down words which you can not understand. Try to guess their meanings on your own, by context. Then use a lexicon. After reading one chapter or one scene in novel try to write down summary of that part. This will help you to let you know whether you got the meaning or not, that writer wants to convey.
GD Topic:
Should capital punishment be abolished?
A. In favour of abolition
1. Man is supposed to be a rational animal. But can a rational being kill a man for a man? No. because it would be savage & barbarous. Besides, by killing a murderer the dead cannot be brought backto life, nor would he or his famaly be compensated. So instead we should reform a killer, make him realise his sin & follow a virtuous life.
2. If we kill the murderer his troubles are over. But his family is made suffer for no fault of theirs. We should instead give him other punishment, say, for example, life imprisonment so that he has to face his own conscience & repent for what he has done.Alongside, he should be given psychological treatment & an opportunity to lead a normal citizen's life.
3. Instances are many where instead of being given capital punishment to even hardened criminals, they were just imprisoned or put in a reformatory with result that they realized & regretted their wrong doings, their term of sentence were reduced as a reward. Such acts enebled them to serve their innocent families & they even turned towards social work.This shows their capital punishment is not only remedy to take care of criminals.
4. We observe today that inspite of capital punishment being very much there on the statue, heinous crimes are not decresing. It goes to show that capital punishment is not detterent of criminals. Therefore, we must think of changing the method of punishment. Over 30 countries in the world abolished capital punishment but none has reported any increase in crime. So death punishment is not justified in any sense.
5. The reason capital punishment should be abolished is based on the fact that sometimes judgments go wrong, and, consequently innocent people are hanged. This is because of legalistic juggling of clever lawyers. Even otherwise instances are nto rare when current police officials are brought over through money and political power to file patently cooked up chargesheet in courts and magistrate in turns pass doubtful judgement. The only way to preclude the possibility of error is to abolish capital punishment itself. 'Benefit of doubt' is an important point of law & rightly so because law holds that 99 guilty can go unpunished but even one innocent should not be punished. In same spirit our suprime court has held death penalty should be awarded only in 'rarest or the rare case'.
6. We have no right to destroy what we cannot create. It is for god to give or take one's life. Mercy is higher in his life than punishment. It is barbarous to hold the doctrine of " thooth for thooth " and " limb for limb".

B. Against Abolition
1. The time is not yet ripe to abolish capital punishment. There is no letup in crimes. Capital punishment is an effective detterent for would be offenders or murderers. Those who argued that despite of capital punishmentbeing thete on the statue bookcrime is on the increase fail to understand that it is because of our faulty justice delivery system where justice delayed is justice denied, and not the other way round.
2 There are certain kind of hardened criminals who are beyond reform. It is futile to teach them sanity. Killing other has become thier second nature and they have dozens of murder cases pending on them. It would only be for good of society that they are sent to the gallows thus their career on crime is stopped.
3.If a murderer is not put to death but instead allowed to live on, he is tempted to repeat the crime in future. It is often happens that murderer set at large through police connivance or legal trickery of lawyer indulge in more heinous crime for fun or contract killing until they are caught or killed.
4.In some countries like pakistan, iran, dubai where laws are rigid and even petty criminals are awarded harsh punishment, crime is rare. Similarly in facist countries where death penalty is awarded for negligence of duty or other offences, efficiency & honesty is found in abundance. Jawahar lal nehru once favoured capital punishment for blackmarketeers as well.

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