Why should you consider Master Degree in International Business?

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Why International Business?

International business is the term most frequently used when discussing the actions and interactions of companies who either have interests in multiple places around the world or who work with other companies based or operating globally. These businesses are generally called multinational corporations or international business corporations. As the world becomes more technology-oriented, and communication, business, and cooperation over great distances gets easier, more formerly local businesses are expanding into the global market.

As more businesses begin to operate on a global scale, a master degree in international business will put you in a prime position for career growth and opportunities. Demand for MBA graduates with international business savvy is growing, so it's not surprising that international MBA salaries are increasing as much or more than standard MBA salaries—with new graduate salaries frequently approaching six figures.

An international MBA program is ideal for students who speak a foreign language or have a strong interest in foreign cultures or businesses. Travel is also one of the prime elements of a master degree in international business, so candidates should be passionate about the possibility of working in other parts of the world.
As an international businessperson, you need to be prepared to work in international finance, marketing, management, importing/exporting and sales. While much of this requires on the job experience, you can ensure that you have a solid foundation by pursuing an international business degree.

Content of an International MBA Program

A master degree in international business combines both practical and theoretical knowledge to prepare students for the inherent challenges of doing business across national borders. The curriculum for an international MBA program generally includes the following topics:
  • Supply Chain Management
  • International Politics
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Problem Solving
  • International Organizational Behavior
  • Foreign Business Culture
  • International Law
  • International Human Resources
International MBA graduates will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and observe innovations from different cultures, adding depth to their understanding of business practices and helping them develop new ways to solve problems.

Employment Prospects for International MBA Graduates

Because of the high demand for talented business professionals in the global market and the greater levels of challenge and risk that international MBA graduates face, salaries for these individuals are very competitive and often outstrip the salaries of other MBA graduates. Professionals with a master degree in international business also have a marked advantage in obtaining well-paid positions with international firms.

Your specific field may be in accounting, finance, marketing, management, purchasing or production, but whatever your specific focus, you will engage with global and cultural business issues. Common job titles include Import/Export Agent, Foreign Currency Investment Advisor, Foreign Sales Representative and International Management Consultant. Frequent employers include banks, import/export corporations, multinational manufacturers, consulting firms, international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), electronics companies and transportation industries like shipping and airlines.

When a company opens a new office in another country or brokers a foreign business deal, they look for employees with the skills to take on the unique challenges of international business. Here are some of the common challenges international MBA professionals might encounter:
  • Living in a very different culture with divergent traditions, values, and attitudes
  • Adjusting to time spent far from home, family and friends
  • Working and traveling over long distances on a changing schedule
  • Accommodating prospective business partners during negotiations or operations
  • Clearly communicating company priorities while cooperating to achieve goals
  • Solving unique problems within an eclectic business framework
Invest in Your future with a Master Degree in International Business
Earning your international MBA degree can lead to higher earning potential, greater job satisfaction and the opportunity to make a living while exploring your passion for travel. Find an international MBA school and take the first step toward and exciting career future.

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