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Government Makes Heavy Cuts in IIM Fees

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In a move that many feel is directed towards gaining popularity for the forthcoming assembly elections, the Centre has announced the reduction of IIM fees to Rs 30, 000 a year instead of the existing Rs 1.5 lakh
In addition, the total number of seats in the IIMs will be doubled from the existing 900 to 1800. Earlier the U.R.Rao committee had suggested pegging the fees down at Rs 6000 per year, which translates to 30 per cent of the country’s per capita income.
According to ministry sources, this decision was taken to ”ensure that technical education does not remain unaffordable to capable but poor students.”
However, according to opinions amongst the faculty and students at the IIMs, reducing the fee will mean lesser funds for research, guest faculty, better professors and improved tools.
The new fee structure was worked out at a meeting between HRD Minister Mr Murli Manohar Joshi and the directors of the six IIMs on 31 January 2004.
This reduction in fees comes on the heels of the finance ministry cutting the allocation for the IIMs for 2004-05 to Rs 45 crore from Rs 74.73 crores in 2003-04.

IIM-A hikes fees for MBA programme

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Ahmedabad, March 29 (IANS) The premier Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad (IIM-A) Saturday hiked the fees of its two-year post-graduate course in business management from Rs.450,000 to Rs.1.15 million from the next academic session this year. The board meeting held under the guidance of Vijaypat Singhania, chairman IIM-A, decided to hike the fee for the programme for the batch joining June 2008.

The institute, however, reiterated its commitment to help needy and deserving students.
“No deserving student should be deprived of an opportunity to study at the IIM-A on account of lack of financial resources,” a statement issued here said.

The board also decided to triple the annual family income limit for a student to be eligible for financial support from Rs.200,000 to Rs.600,000.

“Graded need-based financial aid will be available to eligible students who qualify for financial support,” the release said.

MBA Fee Structure

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The fee structure of different colleges regarding the MBA course varies partially on the larger picture. The cost of the two year post graduate program also varies depending on the quality and reputation of the institute. The cost in pursuing an MBA in India ranges from as low as 2 lakhs rupees to somewhere around 13 lakhs rupees. As a matter of fact, India is the home of over 16,000 B-schools that have their own independent fee structure. Thus, the variety in fees is quite understandably large.
In India, the B-schools can be categorized as class A, class B and class C.
The class A institutes are the best institutes offering courses in MBA in India. One of the primary examples of such an institute will be the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). IIM has 7 branches in the entire country which admit into their institutes only the best of all students. As a result, the fee structure is also on the higher side. In order to pursue MBA from IIM, students have to shell out some 12 lakh bucks. However, it is heard that the IIMs are going to raise their fees once more and now the students may have to spend around 15 lakhs to study in these prestigious institutes.
The class B institutes are always considered to be the second best option by students who doubt their chance of landing up in the IIMs. Examples of class B institutes in India are probably the XLRI, IIPM and many more. The students have to spend some 3-5lakhs rupees in these institutes, which may vary from institute to institute.
The class C institutes are the last and the least favored choice of students in India. These institutes charge around 1.5 lakhs rupees for the two years of study in MBA.
Apart from Indian institutes, the reputed institutes abroad charge somewhere around 25 to 30 lakhs as a standard measure for the course of MBA.

MTV Splitsvilla 4 boys showed off muscles over the sand-dunes of Dubai.

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Splitsvilla 4 underway with latest episode on Wednesday night on MTV. The Splitsvilla boys were looking presume as they showed off their muscles over the pensive sand-dunes of Dubai throughout a task to be performed by the 13 girls tying to misery them.

Boys of Splitsvilla 4 are wearing nothing although towels in the very opening episode of the show. Whereas it may have perhaps been inspired by Ranbir Kapoor’s towel dance in Saawariya, it was extremely 3 times as hot.
This year as per the conception of the show, every guy will head a group of 4 girls. The boys will compete with each other and the victor will be made king of the week.

The victor of the week is authorized to choose one girl, who will be evicted from the show.

MTV Splitsvilla 4 Contestants & Participants

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MTV Splitsvilla 4 Contestants & Participants

13 Hot & Sexy Girls

               AND 3 HOT BOYS


Joanna Magee : Blast From The Past

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Facebook Redesigns ProfilePages

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Facebook has been busy lately acquiring promising start-ups, poaching Google exployees, launching Facebook Places and otherwise tweaking and redesigning elements of its bread and butter social networking platform. After the initial build up, the official blog has announced new and redesigned profile pages for Facebook. The redesign will be automatically applied Facebook wide in the coming weeks, but if you're the impatient kind and want to be an early adopter, follow these steps to unlock the new Facebook profile:

Browse over to this page.
Hit the green button at the top right.
Revel in the latest redesign of your profile page.

Revisions to the profile page include a summary listing of personal information right below the user name at the top of the page. It carries information on user's employment, hometown, college details, relationship status, languages spoken and birth date. This will be followed by a filmstrip of recently tagged photos placed directly below. Overall, a greater emphasis on photos is apparent with the new design.

According to the blog, you can now "highlight the friends who are important to you, such as your family, best friends or teammates". These featured friends will be displayed at the left hand side and come with the ability to incorporate new friend groups or existing friends lists. Interests and activities carry increased focus on the profile pages.

Another major diversion is a lack of a ready text field to enter new status updates. The new design incorporates different content sensitive buttons to post status updates, photos, links and videos to your profile. I find that this speeds up the process as earlier one would have to wait for the icons to show up after clicking on the text field.

Finally, the new profile adds new ways to share interests and activities. The official blog elaborates, "You can list the projects you worked on at your job, classes you took in school, your favourite musicians and sports teams, and more." It also adds a Philosophy section where one can also share their life philosophy by incorporating preferences on religions, political affiliations, in addition to your role models. Interests and experiences are now represented with images in keeping with the visual centric theme of the new profile.

Check out Facebooks official video marking the release:

Do you like the refreshed profile page? Leave us a comment and let us know.